Septuagenarian Frailty

Retirement brings a major adjustment in priorities. The primary focus and the reason for getting up in the morning is your workout. This becomes the meaning of your existence. Your passion.

To do otherwise makes no sense. Whether you’re young or old find friends who share this overriding value. Finally, you got a few bucks in your pocket. Figure out ways to stick around long enough to spend it. 

Couples Workout
Couples Workout

If you don’t want to become a frail septuagenarian you have to do resistance training. This week at Weight-lifting Tuesdays we did Sumo Deadlifts. Don’t let the name scare you. My butt is still sore. Sore in a good way.

You have to do yoga. Better to start sooner than later. Because people can get stuck in their ways when they get old. And here at Studio 2388 we all about never getting old. Do Abs Saturday because you’ll never have perfect back without working your core.

NO CLASSES NEXT WEEK. Sorry, my beautiful friends, you have to fend for yourself… think I don’t notice everyone is thrilled to see me go on vacation?

So get it done this weekend. Yoga, Abs is on. Next class after that is Yoga on Friday, November 15

 Ciao, Pietro

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