A Must For Your Back

Again and again you see people living a life of limited mobile, discomfort, and downright pain. Due to a problem that could have been rectified in 3 weeks, or at most 6 weeks, but now has become a chronic injury.

Doing nothing is the worst than in engaging risky activity prematurely. Not that I suggest either. After a relatively brief downtime, depending on the seriousness of the injury, and of course, consulting your doctor, you begin therapy. The therapy morphs into a weight-training program that turns your weakness into the strongest part of your body.hugging knees

If you have sciatica or its tendencies, you need to come to Yoga Class this Friday. It’s important part of what you’re body needs to learn to fix spinal irregularities. Stiff neck, hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, ankles, almost anything. Don’t believe anyone who tells you there’s nothing do about it.

The recipe for a perfect back is 2-fold: stretching and strengthening. You have to curl, arch and twist the back. And you have to do back-strengthening exercises to build up the muscles around the injury. This recipe has been forged in the furnace of experience. And my back, with its own up-and-down history, is perhaps the best proof of its success.

Yoga brings harmony to the body and mind. Weight-lifting contours the body like nothing else. And Abs Class puts the focus on the hitherto most neglected part of the body.

Ciao, Pietro


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