Starting Back Up

Classes are back with Abs on Saturday, Sept 14, 10 am.

Abs Class flattens the stomach, strengthens the back. And obliterated love handles and muffin IMG_0537tops. You won’t find a core workout which leaves an imprint like this. It includes the most important exercise on earth, squats.

Weight-lifting Tuesdays re-commences Sept 17, 730 pm. Once again, this class fills a gap I didn’t see anywhere else. Put simply, squats and bench press. And whatever else is required. It’s also an opportunity to get a little personalized training from yours truly.DSC_0469

This yoga class a wonderful way to wind down from your busy week! We don’t try to make yoga into strength training, or a cardio class. We already do all that. Yoga is about slowing down, quieting the mind, and having a pleasurable stretch which fixings so many issues in the body.

We finish all the classes with one of the most delicious, healthiest smoothies you’ve ever had in your life. That alone is worth the price of admission.IMG_0536

Please check-in if you’re coming, or even if you’re not.

Ciao, Pietro (otherwise known as Peter)



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