The Slow-walk

This is a yogic exercise. Walk as slow as you can. And then slow down even further. That’s the Jamaican slow-walk.

The objective is not to get from point A to B. But to luxuriate in the pure bliss of the movement itself. We lose sight of the big picture in our obsessive goal-orientated-ness. And the journey of life hurtles by so fast we don’t even get the chance to really appreciate it, which is tragic.

sunset boat

Try this experiment, The Slow-walk. See how long you can sustain The Slow-walk. Five minutes? Fifteen seconds before you find yourself racing again? Incorporate The Slow-walk into everyday life.

Spin is about the cardiovascular benefits of speeding up. Yoga is about calming the nervous system by slowing down. Weight-lifting is about stability and power. Abs is sexy. And sure alleviates congestion in the organs.

The combination gives you supernatural powers.

See you in class! Pietro 

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