Gorgeous Flexible Calves

Calves are easily forgotten. They’re behind you. And down low.

Chances are they’re tight, extremely so. If you run,  spin, if you have lower back pain or plantar fasciitis, your poor suffering calves may be the source of the problem.

calve stretchHere’s a simple but effective way to stretch them. Lean forward and place your hands against the wall like you’re pushing a huge boulder up a hill. Your heels should be down and the back of your legs straight as seen in the picture.  Use your body weight and arm strength to intensify the stretch.


Be sure to hold for a lengthy period of time, say 3-to-5 minutes. And bring modifications into the stretch, by switching to one foot at a time, and raising and moving the knee laterally to include all sides of the calves.

Plantar fasciitis is almost a right-of-passage to anyone over 50. Stretch your calves! Get some half-decent Orthopedics. Drop running in favour biking, skating, where your foot is support by a rigid boot.

Back when I was training at a gym, I was given all the older people. Because I was the oldest trainer, no doubt. Now that I work out of my studio a substantial proportion of my clients are in their 60’s, 70’s, and above. As well as every other age.

The oldest person I trained was 102. He lived to 107. Not saying he survived that long because of me but I seem to have a knack for keeping people alive. I trained someone in his mid-90s  and kept him going for a long long time. He eventually succumbed mentally, and couldn’t remember his appointments anymore.

Training the elderly requires a unique skill set.  It’s a neglected area in most personal training certifications. The best way to learn is personal experience, of course:)

Yoga is on this Friday. As are all the classes.

Ciao, Petro

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