Breaking With Tradition

I love the traditional disciplines of yoga. But I can’t say it’s my forte.

That’s why I hired Ian to alternate with me on Fridays Nights. Ian’s experience and knowledge of yogic genres is beyond anything I’ve ever seen. And I’ve know a lot of yoga teachers, in my time.15380458_10208253317236042_8977131912183446495_n

As we speak, Ian is participating in yet another demanding training session, the knowledge and wisdom of which he’ll share with us on Friday nights. Implementing these new ideas and fitting them to needs of others.  And I’ll be there on his night too, as always, not to teach, but to learn… to cherry pick his ideas, I like to say:)

And put my own spin on them. I participate in the traditions, only to rebel and go my own way. I’ve been hosting yoga classes out of my studio for over a decade now. I’ve done at least a class a week with great consistency. And a quick post-spin stretch several times a week.

16427228_10210293658090711_8184950558979733432_nMy approach is to linger at significant moments. Holding poses longer, and even repeating postures that are particularly relevant to  the cast at hand. Even designing my own series of feel-good postures, and luxuriating in them. Targeting the lower back, spine, hips, groin, shoulders…

Your body re-discovers a youthful suppleness. She you tonight at Yoga, and Abs Class Sat 10 am.

Ciao, Pietro

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