Intermittent Fasting

abs-any-ageThe undeniable power of this diet is of profound significance. And it’s tearing up the internet as we speak.  I’m on day 4.

It’s more about when you eat than what. Here’s the short version of what to do: skip breakfast. And extend your fast into the afternoon for a total of anywhere between 18 to 21 hours.

What does fasting do in conjunction with anaerobic exercise? It devours fat while naturally secreting Human Growth Hormone (HGH). You burn fat without loosing muscle. In fact, muscle growth is accelerated.

Fasting, done properly, also gives you tremendous energy, stimulates muscle recovery, promotes longevity, regulateslex2pic-217x300 insulin production, increases testosterone production, boosts your immunity like you wouldn’t believe. You’re skin becomes more youthful. Fasting is the ultimate anti-aging process.

If you’re like me breakfast is something you can take-or-leave anyways. Every day you’re starting with a 10 hour head-start on your fast. Kill the hunger pangs with a spoonful of Apple Cider vinegar, which stimulates the production of HGH.

No supplements, no hidden costs. In fact you save money. Just get up in the morning, and go to work. Come off the fast with a smoothie, ideally, and have your workout then and there if you can. You’ll be amazed by what it does for your disposition.

This a short version of what to do. For more details come to yoga tonight, or abs Saturday morning, or Weight Lifting Tuesdays.

Ciao, Pietro

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