Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life

The good-pain of working out is something we keep coming back to. Because the little pain of working is far better than the big-pain, and DSC_0253then no-pain, of lifelessness.

So embrace it. Embrace your aching mid-section the day after ABS Class, and the slow hobble to the toilet first thing in the morning from squats the night before. Embracing the little pain is life affirming.

Smoothie-time After Abs Class

Working out provides structure, stability, resiliency. It dispels anxiety, neurosis. It  gives you strength and confidence to face the slings and arrows of mortality.

Classes are back for Abs this Saturday, Sept 2. At 10 am, as usual. Heavy-lifting Tuesday is on the 6th, 730 pm. And Yoga starts not this Friday but the next, Sept 9. At 730 pm.

Nos vemos, Pietro

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