Hands in Prayer, for Papaya



I alternate teaching Yoga every Friday Night with Ian. One week I’m the teacher, the other I’m the student.

I call my style Yogic Stretching Drills. That’s the best I can do as a descriptive title. It doesn’t represent my penchant for long pleasurable poses, that rectifies many problems and keeps you limber and youthful.

Check out Maritere’s Crow. She was raised with a Papaya tree in her backyard, as well as many other fruits.

Papaya is a delicious and hydrating way to cap off a long night, with health benefits off the chart. Eat the black seeds too. They’re amazing for the digestive track.

image1Every night have Papaya. As copiously as you like. It won’t put a pound on you. It will only contribute to your longevity. It’s low on the glycemic index, and ideal for diabetics.

This Friday its me – for better or for worse:) Please check in.

Ciao, your favourite personal trainer, Pietro




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