Getting It Back


PanaceaWorking out is a lifestyle. It’s not something you do for a short period time, and then the job is done. The body is a work in progress. And it degenerates rather quickly if neglected, especially as you get older.

Feeling good is its own reward. And looking good a win-win. No cosmetic surgeon can compete with the real deal. The best chance you’ve got not only to survive but for thriving health and longevity, is daily exercise.

At Panacea, the core has primacy. Abs Class is back this Tuesday, Sept 1.  And give your joints some love at yoga on Friday the 4th.

You can improve your body composition as the years go by. Not go the other way. And enjoy tremendous strength, flexibility and vitality. But fitness has to become part of who you are.

Please check in. Let me know if you’re coming or not. Ciao, Pietro

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