Doing What You Don’t Want To Do

Want to explore the depths of human suffering? (Yeah, me neither) Try reffing 6 games with diarrhea and a broken finger.

Consider this. Between games you’ve got about 7 minutes while the Zamboni cleans the ice. You have to remove your reffing shirt, underlying neck-guard shirt, suspenders, padded shorts, jock-shorts, tights and underwear, maneuvering in the cubicle with skates on. Lining the seat with toilet paper with a finger broken from a shot in the first game.

Ouch!! It’s not a pretty picture.

You hear a lot platitudes about pursuing your dream. But is that an accurate portrayal of reality. Or is it a breeding ground for misconceptions and thwarted expectations.

If you own your own business you know it’s not always glamorous. You’re the guy moping the floor and scrubbing the toilet. Doing your taxes, for example, isn’t considered fun and sexy, but that needs to be done too. A little humility is more useful than dreams of glory.

The same goes for your workout. You have to switch the focus to the very thing you’re trying to avoid. And for some, especially at the beginning, that might be the whole idea of working out at all.

How’s this for a platitude? Do what you don’t want to do! And do a lot of it. In fact, keep doing it until, to your amazement, you actually enjoy it. You enjoy the challenge of doing a 10 minute plank. Something miraculous happens, the pain is something your body and mind is suddenly okay with.

Make working out as much of a pleasure as you can by rewarding yourself with a delicious smoothie beforehand, a favourable environment, infrared heaters to warm your bones and increase flexibility, maybe even a gourmet meal afterwards. As we so often do here at Panacea. All so you can work on the very things you initially didn’t want to deal with.

Sore joints, excess weight, shortness of breath, floppy triceps, skinny legs, flat butt. These things are fixable. Face the music. You’ll be glad you did.

Hope to see you soon at Panacea! Ciao, Pietro

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