Habit Of Neglect

Look what happens to people after 50 who don’t work out. Everything starts falling apart.

First they go on high-blood pressure pills. Because the possibility of a heart attack is real. In terms of cardio they haven’t met their body’s minimum requirement.

They may blame it on genetics. But their parents didn’t exercise either. It’s not just bad luck but a habit of neglect they’ve inherited.

The ailments may be common or obscure. But they keep on coming in every shape and size. With nomenclature that makes it feel like they’re victims of something that’s been inflicted upon them. Not something they’re responsible for.

At times like this, in my role as a personal trainer, I can save a life. If they let me. I can do what the doctor can’t do. And it’s not just about looking good in a bathing suit (as noble a pursuit as that is:). It’s about embracing life with passion.

However, anyone who has been dodging exercise for 4 or 5 decades is good at it. Their  prevarications are a work of genius. The situation can be dramatically turned around only if they have the character to make it happen. It’s character you need to follow the steps of a program best suited  for you.

Hasta Luego, Pedro

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