Back Asswards

People don’t get it.

The tendency is to work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Your weaknesses should be the first priority.

You see fairly flexible women at yoga. Not stiff middle aged men who can’t even touch their knees, let alone their toes. Many of whom end up with serious back problems.

You see a preponderance of mature men with spare tires pounding the weights. Chest, arms and shoulders instead of doing something about the flat butt and scrawny legs.

It’s all I can do, sometimes, to refrain from marching up to people at the gym and shouting, quit everything you’re doing because you’re wasting your time!

If you have heart issues in your family, and concerned about your weight, do those long sweaty cardios on a consistent basis. You’ll never have to worry about a heart attack again.

Weight lifting is a must for women concerned with calcium absorption and osteoporosis.

Friday Night Yoga is back on Sept. 5 at 730 pm. The next morning, the 6th at 10 am, is Abs Class. Please reserve your spot in advance because space is limited. We’re adding a second Abs class on Tues nights, starting Sept. 9 at 730 pm. See you there!

Don’t do what you love. Love what you do.

And feel good. Look good.

Ciao, Pietro

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