I’ve seen it often.

A scare from the doctor is your most powerful form of motivation. Suddenly you really assess your priorities. And if you care about your life, and want to see your loved ones at further stages, you suddenly find it easy to give your workout the primacy it deserves.

It doesn’t have to get to this. If you work your heart properly on a daily basis it won’t falter when you need it the most, climbing the stair with groceries or tackling every physical challenge with confidence.

Learn to love the soreness you get from working out. That soreness is a reminder your getting healthier and living longer and looking better. It’s a fortuitous sign. Embrace it.

Apart from a certain technical expertise, adapting to the peculiarities of a particular individual for maximizing results, the real lesson I teach is the joy of working out. The privilege of it.

Please take note. We’ll be closing down over Christmas and probably for a week before. So get your workouts in while you can. Because you know the debauchery that will follow.

Check out this yoga video. Tell me you don’t want to do this.

yoga video

Ciao, Pietro

Yoga at Panacea Studio

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