Hockey Yoga

Don’t let the name fool you. Nor my propensity to giving tough grinding classes.

I believe in the pleasure-principle component of yoga. If it feels good, do a lot of it.  The intensive deep-tissue stretching will be balanced with long lingering luxurious restorative postures.

There is strategy here. Sometimes greater gains are had by just relaxing and surrendering to life. Then, when it does gets difficult for real, you face the challenge with relish.

I isolate certain muscles with a variety of joint-specific drills. Areas of greatest concern are hips, spine, hamstrings, lower back!!!, upper back.

The uninitiated will feel it the next day. And probably the day after that too. But that is a beautiful pain you learn to love.

Come this Friday to Hockey Yoga, an Abs Class on Saturday, because Panacea is shutting down the following 2 weekends.

Please keep me updated on your availability. Salud, Pietro

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