The Perfect Technique

The perfect exercise isn’t something you’ll find surfing the net. You may find some inspiration there but not something that’ll meet the idiosyncratic needs and tendencies of the individual being trained.

The best exercise is always your own personal adaptation. Just like the best recipe is something you invent, not copy by wrote. Therein lies the real creative process. And creativity always trumps imitation or past knowledge.

For example, I train a 90-year-old who was having trouble getting out of a chair.  The high end of his squats were surprisingly strong but the lower six inches were extremely weak. By getting him to swing the dumbbells and stand up in such a way as to capitalized on the momentum of his swinging arms, which his body seemed to want to do anyways, he has gains strength in the lower six inches. Getting out of a chair is no longer a problem.

We’ve got all the tools for hot yoga tonite. The blocks, the ties, and the dowels. See you there. Ciao, Pietro

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