Lemon-grass The Way To Go

Lemon-grass is a hot commodity right now.  Whole communities of cancer survivors, and others interested in preventative measures,  are flocking to it.

Whether it does what its purported to do or not, it makes a delicious “tea” that cleanses the system. Nothing is simpler to make. You buy Lemon-grass at most Asian markets. I got some at Fresh Co the other day.

You cut the stock into inch-long pieces. Throw it into a pot of filtered water and boil slowly for 5 or 10 minutes, let steep. Taste-wise, it beats anything you get in a tea bag, and you can just tell it’s doing some good.

Hot Yoga with Nikki is back, Wednesday January 4, 7:30.               Core N Stretch with Pietro, Saturday January 7, 10 am.                       At Panacea Studio

By the way, Abs are thee thing right now. So get with the program:)  $6 a class with package of 10.

Come by, and we’ll get you healthy and in fine form.

Ciao, Pietro

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